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Welcome to naturalpeople wiki. It is a very simple wiki where we can discuss about all things related to living like relationship with nature, human relationships and conflicts, plants, animals, trees, seeds, natural farming/gardening, permaculture, sustainability, health, science and any subject that deals with life and living in harmony with nature ( including each other ).

This wiki_is_constantly_changing. One can create or edit any page about interesting topics. It is anonymous by default but you can use trip_code to let others know your identity. Although the wiki as a whole covers serious and practical things, the writing could be informal and fun.

Starting Pages :


This wiki was inspired from http://wiki.c2.com/. This site is designed to be fast and clutter free. It is not interested in tracking it's users or censoring opinions and does not identify itself with any ideologies as all_ideologies_are_dangerous but instead is interested in real communication, sharing and caring.

Any older versions of pages which are older than 100 days will be automatically deleted. Also, any pages which are not viewed by anybody in last 100 days will also be automatically deleted. Thus, the hope is that content is kept fresh and relevant.

Use pictures to upload pictures which can be linked from wiki pages.

Also, there is a discussion forum where we communicate with each other on all topics related to the theme of the site. Please explore around and take it easy.

Formatting information can be found at wiki_formatting