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Weeding by way of uprooting them or ploughing the land is unnecessary and dangerous thing to do as it degrades soil as explained in no_till and usefulness_of_weeds. Instead, approach the "problem" more gently and sensitively!

We could probably eat those weeds - their shoots, their flowers, see edible_weeds.

One could simply cover the area with cardboard sheet or other mulch, see sheet_mulching.

One could let the plants grow tall (assuming they do) and crimp them, see crimping_of_weeds.

One could simply chop_and_drop the weeds in place.

One could plant (or allow existing plants) to grow tall and provide shade to lower plants and thus effectively "weed" them out.

One could use combination of above approach or anything similar to ensure the richness of land with all the life forms - over and under the soil is not disturbed much.

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