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Chewing your food is one of the most overlooked, yet vital thing to consider when eating. Obviously, one has to eat the right kind of food which is easy to digest and nutritious in the first place. By chewing, the solid food is converted into a well lubricated liquid and the load on the stomach is greatly reduced as body spends a lot of energy digesting the food. Chewing begins the process of digestion when it mixes with the enzymes in our saliva. Thus, body gets to easily digest and absorb the nutrients while also spending less energy in the process, which means there is a great multi dimensional benefit of chewing your food! One can only chew effectively when small amount of food is placed in the mouth as it requires empty space to move food around and masticate it.

Not chewing the food enough maybe one of the key factors of a host of diseases of modern human. The undigested food may get stuck in the colon (related to death_begins_in_the_colon), bloating, burping, excess acidity, tiredness in general.

While consuming food that is properly chewed, the body receives a correct information regarding the amount and nature of food being consumed. This helps the body send out correct signals to stop eating.

One of the reasons we don't chew might be because we are addicted to wrong kind of foods, processed dead foods and all we care about is the taste and a satisfying feeling of food texture in our mouth. This satisfying feeling disappears after we chew a few times so we quickly swallow the semi chewed food to get another bite to get the same satisfying feeling. Basically, an addiction and a habit (see on_habit).