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Natural Farming
Hi, My name is Deepak I'm interested in exchange of knowledge regarding Natural Farming.
Hello and welcome to the site. Let us also use this thread to share pictures and info on the things growing in our garden and farms.
File: IMG_20190905_104325279_HDR.jpg (1.0MB, 3264x2448)
Since we should appreciate the weeds growing around us more, I would like it if this plant is identified. It has a somewhat of a sweet taste. This plant is growing everywhere here in the rainy season.
Hi Deepak, I am Nandan and is part of Junglikhethi group and have seen your posts. I would like to know more about your cow based natural farming methods. I am originally from Palakkad,Kerala and is a part time farmer
I also added the page >>/natural_farming to wiki.
It appears the plant belongs to mint family because of opposite leaves and square stem. But, I still do not know the specific name of this plant...
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