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Plant experiences and experimentation
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I like the concept of the site but it obviously needs time to grow and expand so I'm starting this topic to share and discuss personal experience with plants.

So, if you allow me to start with a little blogging, I'll hit it off,
I don't have much space for farming and plants, not as much as I would like so I make do with my small house and little backyard for experimenting.
I've mostly been experimenting with decorative plants, trying to see how little material can be used for propagation, sometimes I get little bits of plants from other people, sometimes I find a broken stem and take it home and see how I can make it grow, it's fun and interesting to see how something can grow from seemingly nothing.

Recently there's also been a specific moth that takes a liking to buxus plants, to the point where buxus have been taken out of circulation almost entirely and people dump them en masse. These moths and their caterpillars spread so fast and eat away all the leaves and kill many of the buxus plants.
So I've taken the opportunity to experiment a bit with thrown out buxus plants, stripping away all the leaves and large clumps of the roots and see how it handles that. To my surprise most plants can recover quite well and are clean from any pests afterwards.
I've even taken a few inside in the meantime to protect them from the moths. Hoping that one day it's safe to put them outside again.

Feel free to share your stories.
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Yes this site will grow slowly, like a plant.

Here in the tropics, that too in the rainy season, almost any small cutting will take root and grow!

Picture attached is that of sweet potato cutting ready to grow like a weed! (along with rainy season millipedes which eat mulch). Leaves are edible and nutritious.

Will post more soon, thanks for making this thread.
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