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As the saying goes, death begins in the colon! The accumulation of toxic waste matter in the intestines for long periods of time will lead to all sorts of problems. The majority of modern lifestyle diseases (which means almost all diseases since they are mostly lifestyle related) can be traced back to this issue of plugged up colon. The toxic matter unable to excrete out of the body will be reabsorbed into the bloodstream, and will influence every area of one's body in the most direct sense.

Look around you and see how many people have a large belly and/or are fat! People are addicted to eating foods which are hard to digest by the system like processed, over-cooked, non-living, isolated foods which are full of artificial flavors and additives [todo : give examples of the bad foods]. These foods are very hard to digest and lack appropriate nutrients and fibres. Because the body's genuine need for nutrition is not met by consuming such foods, most people also over-eat adding to the problem of toxic waste being accumulated in the colon. Also, see the importance of chewing_your_food.

Living_foods in their natural state is what a human being should be consuming and mainstream medical establishment, with all it's commercialism and hypocrisy, does not really deeply consider this issue but is only interested in patching_the_symptom to ease constipation, acidity and such. It is up to each individual to find out the truth about health, nutrition and break free from tradition of eating unhealthy foods and living a unhealthy life of conformity, obligation and laziness.