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Food which contain low water percentage is a severe burden on the digestive system and the body as a whole since the body has to use water from external source to properly digest and move these foods.

Also, foods which are salty is problematic since body needs to dilute the salt to get rid of it, leading to dehydration. We also need to consider if salt is really needed at all for the body.

Examples of dehydrating foods just to give an idea of how prevalent they are in modern culture : Breads, meat, cookies, biscuits, anything processed really (consider how much salt they add to preserve these foods). [More examples needed for clarity]

Drinking enough water is good but this will not have same hydrating effect as compared to eating foods which contain water in themselves like leafy veggies and fruits.

Dehydration of body leads to host of diseases and is related to death_begins_in_the_colon.