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Eat only when hungry. In our modern society where most people are out of touch with nature - including their own bodies, people tend to eat even when not really hungry. Because of this, digestive system is always working and will never truly rest and repair itself - leading to all sorts of problems as mentioned in death_begins_in_the_colon.

Most people just eat because they are stuck in a routine and instead of listening to their bodies, the routine has become more important. Other reason is that people eat to suppress emotions, tiredness, headache and other symptoms of the body. These symptoms show up because of our disconnected lifestyle, relationships and also from non-nutritious, toxic foods. So, we eat to suppress the symptoms and the suppression creates more symptoms leading to vicious cycle of food addiction. The topic of addiction in context of food is important to understand I feel as we see many people affected by it.

The digestive system, when properly rested, can work much more efficiently leading to health and vitality (related chewing_your_food) because nutrients are absorbed at higher rate, the toxic waste matter is thrown out more effectively.