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This page is for listing videos which are about food, health, nutrition from the internet. Make sure to also add short description regarding each video.

- A video from Solitude farm where Krishna Mckenzie explains a salad to be made from various plants and herbs and flowers growing locally (Auroville, Tamil Nadu, tropical region). There were about 40 different things added, all growing naturally with little or no human touch. Some of the ingredients were - Amaranth, Rosella, Baloon vine leaves [1], Sweet potato leaves, Ivy gourd leaves, Pea eggplant [2], winged bean leaves, tender guava leaves, chicken spinach leaves (Talinum fruticosum), purslane...


The video was interesting and insightful to know how much food grows all around us which provide real and true nutrition.

references :
[1] - http://tropical.theferns.info/viewtropical.php?id=Cardiospermum+halicacabum
[2] - http://tropical.theferns.info/viewtropical.php?id=Solanum+torvum

-- more videos to be listed below