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What is preventing you from growing atleast a small portion of vegetables and fruits of your daily consumption? It is so easy and costs almost nothing and one needs little growing space. It would provide you with fresh, organic vegetables which are uncontaminated with nasty poisons. It is a fun learning experience and helps you establish a relationship with nature. And more importantly, you would be healthy by eating those veggies which are grown with your love and care.

All the kitchen waste, dead leaf litter around where you live, and even urine can be potentially used to grow your soil so as to grow your plants. Once the beneficial soil microbial activity and soil life is established, it is only going to get easier!

This lady grows vegetables in her tiny balcony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTUNHX1zlLI, what excuses do you continue to give to not grow your own food?

[More examples and such need to be provided here]