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Importance of sunshine cannot be ignored. It is the most important part of a natural, healthy life. It is not just about body being able to produce vitamin D from sunshine, it is about the deep feeling of beauty, vitality and wellbeing we feel when we are in front of the sun.

More and more people living a sedentary life of routine, limit their exposure to sunshine. People do not appreciate the beauty of looking at sunrise and sunset.There is the problem of living in artificial lighting, sunglasses, sunscreens all of which simply cause more harm than good in more ways than one. Many people are so full of toxins that they are averse to unpleasant detoxifying symptoms when they expose themselves to the sun and choose to "protect" themselves from this healing.

Lack of sunshine leads to depression and lack of vitality as sunshine energizes our endocrine glands. This is apparent with the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in countries receiving little sunshine in winter months. Sunshine also sets up our daily rhythm of waking up and sleep and all the functions in between. Sunshine is really good!