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The plants we like to label as weeds are useful in many ways. Many of them are edible. They hold the soil together, decompact it, aerate it and mine nutrients from deep within. These plants attract and provide habitat for insects and other life forms and tend to provide a balancing effect to the ecology as a whole.

Weeds have a unique germination condition - they only germinate and grow when the condition suits it and tend to fade away when the condition has changed over the period of time. Their roots and organic matter will decompose and provide support to the next generation of plants.

Here is a video of Geoff_Lawton explaining about germination condition and the nature of weeds - https://youtu.be/HBA6fXsJnZc

In natural_farming, the weeds are grown along with main crops (vegetables, trees, grains) and are only cut back or supprrssed when they compete for sunlight with the main crops. Apart from that, they co-exist and we have a healthy, balanced growing environment! This goes hand in hand with no_till since tilling is mostly done to wipe out all weeds from an area, which is very harmful.