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There is the feeling of boredom. A sense of restlessness, of feeling disturbed or not knowing what to do or having mental clarity, of being in contact with the void. Generally what people do is fill this void by various stimulations and entertainments like watching TV, checking the smartphone, consuming some comforting food, sleep, pornography, or some other form of subtle or not so subtle stimulant. Some try to suppress boredom through work. People_just_want_to_be_entertained. All these can be considered as forms as distractions from the void.

The problem is that feeling of boredom simply gets stronger and stronger when we escape from it and the need for stimulation simply gets perverse and intense the more we indulge in them. This is the vicious cycle of boredom. This can also be considered the vicious cycle of distraction and addiction. Things like over-eating, pornography addiction, smartphone addiction and other related addictions may be mostly because of trying to escape from the void!

So, the only intelligent thing left to do is to simply meet the reality of boredom without trying to escape or suppress it. The mind is telling us something about reality and this generally is seen as "boredom". So all one has to do is pay attention.