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First Thread
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Hello and welcome to this site! Let us discuss about all things related to life. Come join in.
Why won't we plant more trees in unused areas where we live? Like river banks, along sides of railway tracks, road sides, unused plots, etcetra...

These trees would grow up and benefit all the people, animals around it. If the tree is a fruit tree, then even better. Imagine what a sight it would be when we have rows and rows of such trees growing in public area!

Why is it I barely see any fruit tree growing in a public space? I feel something odd about this and it shows the self centered limitedness of humanity.
I'd love to see more nature too, not just fruit trees.
But the question is always, who's going to take care of it? Not just planting but also general care, making sure all plants are healthy, making sure none of them obstruct the streets and pathways. I imagine it would take a lot of effort.

I really enjoy gardening, though I only have a tiny bit of space for that and if I had more free time it'd be great if I could work on a small public area with my own ideas.

I'm also bothered by how easily trees get cut down to make way for highways and housing, slowly the little nature we have in the Netherlands gets eaten up by asphalt and bricks with nothing in return, only to make room for our ever-expanding population.
>I'd love to see more nature too, not just fruit trees.
Yes, simply adding fruit trees might subject them to attack by pests and such. There has to be other trees of the local region too.

>who's going to take care of it?
I know. People have become so indifferent to all these essential things they just don't care for the trees. I had this idea of creating a website/app which would be like a social media app for planting and taking care of trees. Tracking it's growth and all that. But still, the app by itself would be useless. Human beings who are using it would have to be serious, with or without the app/technology.

Friend, can I know if you are aware of this remarkable book 'The One Straw Revolution'?
I never heard of that book before, it looks interesting I'll give it a read.
I don't know many people who also have a thing for plants and gardening, it's really sad when you think about it. How nature is being banished out of our lives and many people don't seem willing to bring it back themselves to the point where they fill their houses with plastic decorative plants because it doesn't require maintenance. yet it's the care and attention for plants that makes it so relaxing.

I have no idea if I can make a change but in the meantime I'll try to share my love for plants with other people, hopefully make them see how rewarding it can be to surround yourself with green and life.
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