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Does anyone even come here?
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Seems like this place is very lonely
I am here and yes, this place is lacking in users obviously. The site is very new and I don't want to inform people who just troll in the internet. I am careful in that regard.
Since you are here, please stick around. Check the wiki too.
It seemed active enough before it was taken down. Perhaps more people will come soon.
Well, since you're both here, how are you? Also, how did you come across this website?
Hello, I am >>103 and my IP keeps changing since I am from a cellular network. I am the one who set up this site. I am fine but sad that there is so much degradation of nature and human spirit.
>I am the one who set up this site.
Ah interesting. I like what you did so far, design-wise. I'm really tired of all the busy and hyperactive websites that are common nowadays.
I'm a web-developer myself, it's fun but I'm a bit out of touch when it comes to content and design.

Anyway, this place is still young, how do you plan to keep the attention of visitors? I'm very interested in the interaction between nature and society and how it develops so I will probably stick around for a bit longer to see how activity changes.
Yes the website was made keeping simplicity in mind. To keep essential parts while letting go of unessential ones.

I wonder how we could make the site interesting myself as it cannot be about propaganda (in the form of memes), ideologies. There has to be fun but it cannot be had while being divisive. So maybe we can do something fresh.

life, medicinal plants, cooking, farming, human psyche, plant identification, informing about nature related events, the state of the world, the degradation of human spirit... All those important things and more we could discuss..
I think also it might be an idea to have a bit of an introductory thread where the goal of this place is explained more in-depth and where people can ask related questions or share ideas.
May I ask what you mean by degradation of the human spirit? I am interested to know what that means.
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