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I wonder how to let others know about this website.

First of all, this website should be of value to people - which I feel it can be attributing to the free and open nature of this site. But since the site is very new and lacking in users, there has to be something that should be done to let others know about this site. So, this document is me thinking over the way this could be done. Any other users too could come and join in and help.

But while doing it, don't try to be pushy. We are not doing any advertising as such and only telling people that such a site exists. No self-interest involved in this since this website is not selling anything - material or ideological.

Thoughts on various things that could be done...

- Find forums and meeting places on the internet which deal with the subjects dealt in this site and simply tell them such a place exists.

- Find sub-reddits on reddit website and tell them.

- Directly contact individuals who are concerned about natural living, sustainability and similar things through their email or directly

- Create good pages which document interesting, relevant, insightful things so people find it through search engines naturally.