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Internet in it's current state has become severely polluted. Polluted with too much superficial information, pornography, meme images, junk in general. It has become very hard for actual good information to flow from one person to another. Discussions should be happening between people on real issues regarding life, nature, in a good way but it is not happening. The good discussions that do happen might happen in closed groups in various places like Facebook, Whatsapp, Discord, Reddit, etcetera and they become what one might call echo_chambers and they each have their own way of suppressing things.

I feel it would be great if people talked about these things on the open internet - where the discussions are searchable through search engines and where there is a very low barrier for participation. One might argue that such an open place might be subject to spam and troll posts from the polluted side of the internet but we could tell them that trolling, spamming, hating is completely unnecessary since we are all connected.

There is a danger that this site too might add to the existing pollution of the internet. One must take care of that.